Mr Robert Adams

Head Teacher

Mrs Jill Whitehouse

Deputy Head Teacher & Year 2 Class Teacher (Monday - Wednesday)

Mrs Catherine Burnett

Reception Class Teacher, EYFS Leader & Literacy Subject Leader (TLR)

Mrs Samantha Wate

Reception Class Teacher (Monday, Tuesday & Alternate Wednesdays)

Mrs Julie Dibb

Reception Class Teacher (Alternate Wednesdays, Thursday & Friday)

Mrs Jane Milnes

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Janet Ramsay

Teaching Assistant

Miss Frances Crowther

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rebecca Pearsall

Teaching Assistant

Mr Alex Mullick

Year 1 Class Teacher(Monday - Thursday), History Subject Leader

Miss Anna Askew

Year 1 Class Teacher

Miss Bethany Hetherington

Year 1 Class Teacher (Friday)

Mrs Zoe Shaw

Teaching Assistant (mornings)

Miss Aminah Anwar

Teaching Assistant

Miss Angela Hogg

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Amanda Logan

Year 2 Class Teacher, Maths and KS1 Phase Leader (TLR)

Mrs Lorna McNally

Year 2 Class Teacher (Alt Wed, Thursday - Friday), Art & Design Technology Leader

Mrs Lorraine Damti

Year 2 Class Teacher (Monday, Tuesday and alt Wed)

Mrs Alison Topel

Teaching Assistant (Wednesday - Friday - All day)

Miss Emilie Spencer

Teaching Assistant

Mr Richie Corbishley

Year 3 Class Teacher & P.E. Lead

Mrs Nicola Renwick

Year 3 Class Teacher, Science Subject Leader

Mrs Denise McArdle

Teaching Assistant

Mr Paul Crown

Year 4 Class Teacher, Music & Computing Subject Leader

Miss Amy Bell

Year 4 Class Teacher

Jill Stone

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Susan Steadman

Teaching Assistant

Miss Lois Swinburne

Teaching Assistant

Mr Mark Woodley

School Environment Leader & 'Catch Up' Teacher

Mrs Sara Tully

Academic Mentor

Mrs Kimberley Valentine

School Business Manager

Miss Lyndsay Palmer

Admin Assistant

Mrs Claire Gardner

Attendance Office (Clennell)

Mr Allan Colligan


Miss Wendy Sloan


Mrs Christine Rowan


Mr Alan Cadogan


Mrs Julie Weir

Catering Assistant

Mrs Marta Czernia

Catering Assistant

Ms Marie Taylor

Catering Assistant

There is currently no member of staff that earns in excess of £100,000.