School Choir

Our school choir is back up and running now and we are so pleased that it is!

Singing is such a joyous, life-affirming activity and there’s nothing better for all of our mental wellbeing than being with friends, singing fantastic songs with sparkling eyes and wide grins on our faces and letting our voices soar with our spirits!

Leading our choir is Mr Corbishley, who accompanies us on his guitar and who has 30 years’ experience of working with school choirs, performing at such illustrious venues like 'The Sage', The City Hall, The Tyne Theatre and Whitley Bay Playhouse.

Our choir will sing a range of different types of songs from across all genres from pop songs to folk songs, show songs and songs from films to songs from around the world. Aiming for excellence, we will introduce harmonies into our songs which, although they require a lot of hard work, lift our singing from ‘that’s nice’ to ‘wow!’

This coming term, we will be learning a number of songs which we hope to perform in front of a live audience as Covid restrictions relax. These are:


‘But It’s Mine’ - A lovely Northumbrian folk song by Eric Boswell which has amazing harmonies in the chorus.


'The Cup Song' - From the film 'Pitch Perfect' which will also involve the children using cups to accompany their singing!

'The Cup Song' - Youtube Link 


'Somewhere Only We Know’ by Keane - A beautiful song, again with fabulous harmonies.

'Somewhere Only We Know' - Youtube Link


'Finale' from Finding Neverland - A wonderfully uplifting song!

'Finale' - Youtube Link


Please do listen to these songs at home and sing them with your children!